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(If this ever gets taken down its because furries are trying to erase all evidence yet again by reporting it or something or the deviantart mods are biased against people who have negative opinions of furries and also failed to read the argument. They would probably also try to call it "hateful" even though I harbor no hate for furries, I simply dislike their denial of their own perversions when they are confronted with someone who believes they are perverted and many furries also agree with me on this subject so yeah ok I think that just about covers something important.)


Seriously though, you have the 10% who actually just enjoy art then the 90% who look at porn all day.

You could try to deny this if it weren't for the fact that the top 100 most popular furries on this list all created porn
(i think maybe one didn't make porn but I believe it had an alt account for it anyways, and I only bothered to check the top 100 and not all 200 because my eyes started to burn by the end of 100 so theres definitely more porn)


and as a side-note, after the banning of cub porn (child pornography but just with furries) on furaffinity some furries apparently even went so far as to send DEATH THREATS to get it back.
I found it funny.

ADDITION - APRIL 11, 2011:

Really though, over half of the clean art sucks dick so I can kinda understand why the porn has more views, at least it serves a purpose.

Also the top 20 search results on furaffinity search thingy were all about pornography and fetishes so try again later…
But then you forget that this a fandom based off of animals and yet porn has more searches than the animals.
NOT EVEN PORN, JUST FETISHES, THE TOP ONE BEING VORE (or second one, I can't tell because dragoneer deleted the journal to cover up the evidence YET AGAIN)


ADDITION - APRIL 17, 2011: This is unrelated kinda but yeah
I forgot to add that the number one most popular furry is also a rapist
Click the following link for full understanding:… (deviation removed by administrators)

Dragoneer does everything he can to defend child molesters:…… <--- alt link in case dragoneer tries to cover it up some more (alt link removed by administrators)

So yeah I don't think furries are 'good people' otherwise they wouldn't be supporting bastards like these by buying their art, giving them popularity, and trying to defend them at all times.


These are two of the most popular people on furaffinity and both are suck ;(.

ADDITION - MAY 2, 2011:






ADDITION - September 4, 2011: Taking a quick note on furries and zoophilia, please understand that this is not the main topic.
Ok for some reason furries keep bringing up beastiliaty which was actually completely unrelated in the original document, but their guilt for wanting to do it with animals keeps showing up so I may as well address it as much as I don't want to.

So, heres a furry survey with zoophiles or something:…
Now I want everyone to understand that it may only be 13% but lets not forget that BESTIALITY IS ILLEGAL.
Who would really admit to something so illegal and humiliating like this, even online?
So really, there are probably A LOT MORE furries out there that are into doing it HARDCORE with animals.

Now I find many furries get crazy on this whole beastility/zoophilia thing, but really when it comes down to it if what you fap to HAS to be an anthro, then you're getting off to the animal parts of the anthro (paws, muzzle, etc.).
Guess what, the animals have those animal parts.
So even if you don't want to flat out do a dog just yet, you're probably a lot more open to the idea than a normal person.

In short: You don't look at animals the same way a normal person does, my eyes don't go straight to the dog's ass once I see it.




- Seriously though, you have the 10% who actually just enjoy art then the 90% who look at porn all day.



- For some reason many people think I am saying absolutely every furry is like this. YOU ARE WRONG. I'm saying that most furries are like this ok bye

*** Quote from the first few lines of the truth: "Seriously though, you have the 10% who actually just enjoy art then the 90% who look at porn all day."


BUT BEFORE YOU GO, SEE HOW EVEN FURRIES AGREE WITH ME. (these are only but a few of the ones who agreed, I'm trying to find the posts that best sum up important shit though.

1 - Heres a review by a furry fan and ex-hater of reason who also dared to argue against me on this solid opinion until he actually read the thing (he was arguing against me without even knowing what he was arguing about):

"hold up... woah. (note to self: REaD DESCRIPTIONS aT aLL COSTS!!!!) i cant fucking beleav im saying this but i acually agree to 85% (aproximately) of whats writen in the description. as much as moast of it pisses me off, it makes sence. EPICLY HaRD FaIL ON MY PaRT! this may not change the fact that i like furries but it sertainly changed my view on the matter" - Sonic-Fan84062

2 - "I'm a furry hentai artist and a good debater... Sadly, I agreed with all you said. You showed the evidence, and brought your point home. I can't even argue and if I did, I wouldn't even know where to start. I don't understand why these furries in the comments section are raging so much. If they were mature enough, they'd fuckin' admit that you're right (and don't worry I can tell when a person's right or not in any given circumstance and you, my sir...).

Furries, I'm not bashing or anything like that. But just stop hiding your goddamn boner like you're cock-blocking yourself and just admit it! At most times, you guys say you aren't into this shit and I find that you actually are..." - NikeMike34

3 - "About the furaffinty, I had a few furries telling me that I should join there due to my animmal characters until others told me that I shouldn't. Why? They told me that back then, it used to be a good, decent furry art site but it's being overrun of furrytards and furry porn. If you dare to say anything against furry porn, you'll get flamed for it. If your pointing out for hypocrisy, you'll get flamed for it. If you make a parody art of the furry fandom(poking fun at it since it's fun to laugh at your own fandom), they flamed you for it.

Not to mention that my characters would get shoved aside if they're not porn since mine is kid friendly and wouldn't give my art a second look. I've seen some really good furry art that isn't porn but they too get shoved aside because no one is 'fapping' to it. >(

It gotten so bad that a lot of sane furry artists left the site to come here or make their own website since they were so sick and tired of those tards ruing the fandom. One sane furry artist even got banned from Furaffinty for making a parody art of the fandom because the tards have no sense of humor. That's bullshit. So I never registered there.

It's so funny that the furrytards claimed that that 'they're the nicest people in the world and treats others kindly' yet they can't take a joke or if no one is kissing their asses or isn't flaunting 'furry pride' or doesn't support furry porn. I get attacked by those tards just for not agreeing with them and I'm a furry! So much for 'furry love'." - Furry that chose to remain anonymous so other furries didn't attack him/her about it.


o yea now that we're in lategame I can finally reveal that the purpose of this deviation was to show that the perverse nature of furry fandom cannot be ignored as the furries would so usually wish.  You bring up any of that stuff they try to TAKE YA DOWN and blot out the facts but everythings got its perverts and so do u guys u feel me so u gotta accept that and understand when someone doesn't wanna get in on your furry action they got their reason u feel me they aint gotta accept you u no so dont flame u feel me u feel me not every1 wants to be associated wit that u feel me dont hate u no wat i mean
really i don't care if you're fappin why would I care if you're fappin, u just gotta recognize why other people are thinking what they're thinking though

And stop drawing so many goddamn canines, I mean jesus christ HOW MANY WOLVES CAN YOU HANDLE.
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Manglenn Featured By Owner 1 day ago
why you studying other people's perversions? are they trying to be perverted TO you, or are you just getting in the middle of THEIR business?

damn! don't you have anything better to do than that?

you should be an expert in perversion after all that studying, eh? omg, you've written an encyclopedia for your description! wow, you need some help.
you are WAY too obsessed over a NON-ISSUE here 
fox-child2 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
there is a lot of dumb furries out there, they are starting to ruin the rep of the good ones
naynay0827 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Haters gonna hate
im just gonna shake-shake it off!

i agree that the corner of digusting furries is well- gross but not the majority is like that, please try to understand us atleast.
DYLYN666 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015
Bullshit.... I don't think they are...
Internetexplorer968 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Then why do you have furry artwork in your favorites?
KobaltAngelDragon Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  New Deviant
I am in complete agreement... BUT! you said a majority of us are pervs, it's been toned down to about 1/10000 furries are pervs, there aren't that many of the pervs our there... I specifically have a gander less character so I wouldn't find him on any sexual pictures
naynay0827 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
hi kobalt! its me aurora print/ cat dragon
KobaltAngelDragon Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant
Hey aura, this isn't my main account Lel, I made two cause someone kept directing me to gorey stuff and I couldn't view it XD
zantox100 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015
and why would that be of any relevans..?
DahordeRising Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
lmao epic
SamTheWolfie Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
F*** you. Deal with it.
wolfgirl5199 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Okay lemme just explain this. Surely you know 60% Actually "who actually just enjoy art " because of a bad rep like you said "90% enjoy just porn" i wont be replying to people who disagree with me  because we all have our own opinions.I'm This Unexcited 
MarvinTheMartian65 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Calling the furfandom a fandom is like calling ISIS a political party.  

The furfandom is a porn-cult, and will always be just that.  

A porn-cult ran by pedophiles eager to host their yiffing parties and invite some kiddies to share their many "hobbies".
MarvinTheMartian65 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 31, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer



"People under the influence of cults is similar to that we observe in addicts. Typical behavior for both includes draining bank accounts, neglecting children, destroying relations with family and losing interest in anything except the drug or cult."

Keith Henson

PART 1/5

Furmeat (no, this is not a typo, but definitely spelled ‘meat’)

Mmmm… So you do not ‘think’ the furfandom is a full-fledged cult.  Well, in the next couple of uploads I will outline the principles behind cults, and explain why they are extremely dangerous to join.  No, I most definitely do not dislike anthropomorphic art forms, and encourage everyone to draw the most fantastic animals and other drawings of nature, but I strongly dislike individuals who lure and groom other people, especially young curious people, into their well-designed trap.  Believe me when I say that the furfandom is nothing more than a well-regulated cult managed by elderly individuals (35-65) who have more interest in young individuals (most likely you the reader between 12-25) than what would be considered healthy (or for that matter legal) by the general population.

So, what are the characteristics of a cult?  The first golden rule of any cult is that it needs to be as visual and ‘emotionally-tickling’ as possible, so that it stimulates the emotional senses, rather than the intellectual mind.  In other words, it targets your most primitive animalistic being, and avoids any type of ‘questioning’, ‘reasoning’ and ‘logic’.  Cults target your amygdala, rather than your neocortex.  In other words, cults play with your emotions and feelings, and once they are in control of your emotions and feelings, then the cult, and those in charge, have complete (mind-)control over you.  Yes, I can hear some of you think that the furfandom does not have any leaders… Well, I will come back to that a bit later.  For now I can guarantee that the furfandom cult has some very interesting ‘individuals’ (who do not deserve the label ‘leader’), and these individuals know exactly what they are doing, and whom they are doing it to.

Anyway, the furfandom is most definitely visual, and targets the most primitive of all emotions: sexual desire and the need to reproduce.  Have some young kids create a link in their brains between cute furry animals and sex/porn, and you are halfway on your road to success of starting an extremely successful cult with a guaranteed following.  It does not take much to make someone ‘believe’ in something, as we all so desperately want to ‘believe’ in something, anything!  Unfortunately, it is difficult for the younger mind to distinguish between cult/sect and religion, as all of these are located on the spectrum of ‘good and evil’.

Of course, two questions come to mind.  The first question is “what’s in it for the members?” and the second question is “what’s in it for the founders?”  Without some type of perceived value, cults would not have a single chance to succeed.

For now, I am asking the reader only one small favor: think about the following statement, and think whether you agree with this statement:

“Cults find their foundation and power-base through stimulation of the visual and sensual senses.”

More on ‘furmeat’ in the next episode of this article.

Stay safe – and think before you act!

PART 2/5

Furmeat – and so the story continues

One of the most interesting features of cults is the language they use to introduce themselves to potential members.  As mentioned earlier, this language is more than likely going to be interspersed with metaphors and visualizations of scenes.  Well, of all the texts I have seen, the furfandom surely wins the first price for when it comes to indoctrinating and manipulating others with the use of highly visualized textual conversations.  It is amazing with you can do with some paws and a tail, the Kama-Sutra becomes author’s pulp compared to the teachings of furry core members!  Just ask yourself the question: “Who am I actually chatting to when I am sticking my tail where the sun doesn’t shine?”  You may think you are chatting with a peer, but in all likelihood, you are not!

Realize there are a whole bunch of pedophiles, psychopaths and other perverts out there in the age group of 35-65 targeting kids in the age-group of 10-20, and they all have in thing in common: they need to hide themselves from society and Justice!  Well, what is a better place to hide than stuck in some fur suit?  Oh yeah sure, you may be gay, lesbian, or bisexual, but that surely does not give adults the right to start humping ‘yiffing’ you whenever they want!  Before you know it, you will start believing you are pansexual, metrosexual, or omnisexual and that humping adults is the most normal thing on this planet.  You may think this does not happen in your exciting furfandom cult, but unfortunately, it does!  Cults do have a reason for existence, but the founders typically do not want you seeing them.

Anyway, be aware of people promising you “free hugs”, “unconditional love” and “unconditional acceptance”, and be extremely aware of those directing you in any form of sexual interaction – in the form of drawings or otherwise – as more likely than not, there will be ulterior motives.  Next time I will be writing about the rituals of the furfandom, and how they provide you with a fake notion of power and importance.  Cults are all about getting into the minds of people, and you would be surprised how malleable people’s minds really are!

Stay safe – and think before you act!

PART 3/5

Furmeat – the creation of addicts

"People under the influence of cults is similar to that we observe in addicts. Typical behavior for both includes draining bank accounts, neglecting children, destroying relations with family and losing interest in anything except the drug or cult."

Keith Henson

So, cults need a high level of visualization (it’s amazing what animals, especially dogs with gigantic phallus-es can do to one another), and some type of internally used language (yiffing, furpiling, scatting, paw off, etc.) that will make the member "feel" special.  After all, don't all children love the idea of speaking a secret language?
A third attribute needed to establish a cult is rituals, heaps of rituals, as it will give the members a false feeling of importance and power.  Partaking in any type of ritual, be it raising a flag, taking an oath, or having to walk around in public with a tail and some animalistic ears, makes one feel “special” and stand-out from the mindless masses.  It's funny (and sad at the same time) seeing how cult members love to generalize "we're ALL perverts and we ALL watch porn all day", but at the same time they have this need to distinguish themselves from the general population by dressing and acting different.  Cults generally contradict themselves! 

Why would anyone question the furfandom cult behavior?  Well, cults have ulterior motives – in other words – you think you’re getting some type of benefit out of your behavior where in reality it’s others using you!  Yes, they may pay you, and pay you well (free hugs and paw offs, money, mobile phones, cars, apartments, trips around the world), but in the end, they’re just using you for their own pleasure – in the case of the furfandom cult – typically sexual nature: adults using kids, groomed from a very young age.

The game of manipulation and indoctrination (brainwashing) is a cleverly played one, and the younger you start with your victims (members), the more likely they will become fully addicted to the learned behavior.  By the time these recruits (those being groomed into the cult) reach adolescence, it will be close to impossible for them to understand that their behavior is wrong or the fact that they are being used by others.  Some will eventually see the truth, but by that time they are so involved in the cult’s activities (members need to be kept busy, otherwise they start seeing the light/truth) that in all likelihood bonds with family, friends and relatives are beyond repair or recovery – at least this is how they see it, and this is typically what they are being told.

In a nutshell the furfandom is a cult managed by a well-organized ring of pedophiles, typically older gay men, targeting young kids and teenagers.  Honestly you should ask yourself the following questions:

    1.       What type of people have a huge interest in hiding their identity?

    2.       What type of people are funding these so called furmeets and conventions?

    3.       What type of people are sending young kids on business-class trips around the world as cult evangelists?

    4.       What type of people have an interest in animalistic sex and bestiality?

    5.       What type of people have an interesting in humping young kids in a fursuit?

    6.       What type of people are booking special hotels room at conventions where they can invite selected young convention-visiting members and engage in their yiffing activities with them?

    7.       What type of people collect (drawn) animal porn?   

The answer: people with a sick twisted perverse mind.

Don’t think that these people are unintelligent or non-creative.  Because of their perversity they have learned to deceive, cheat, lie, manipulate, indoctrinate and blackmail, and will do anything to hide their true identity from the outside world.  Some are successful businessmen/women and may hold influential positions, but that doesn’t necessarily make them good people, it just makes it easier for them to buy and manipulate their victims!

Stay safe – and think before you act!

PART 4/5

Furmeat – the creation of addicts

"People under the influence of cults is similar to that we observe in addicts. Typical behavior for both includes draining bank accounts, neglecting children, destroying relations with family and losing interest in anything except the drug or cult."

Keith Henson

So cults possess a number of attributes, including:

    1.      A need for attracting attention – without attention it would be difficult to find new members (read victims).  Some vague new ideology and a focus on some type of subject (be it dogs/wolves (furfandom), my little ponies (bronycon), or people with a certain cultural background (klu klux clan), as long as people can somehow associate themselves with the subject, the first cult attribute is in place.

    2.      A need for emphasizing the visual and emotional.  Care must be taken not to attract too many intellectuals (although a confused intellectual, or for that matter anyone with any form of talent, is worth his/her weight in gold, i.e. Tom Cruise who is a perfect evangelist for Scientology), as intellectuals may well see the real reason behind a cult’s existence.  Keep the cult masses dumb and obedient, and bombard them with exciting visuals and soothing messages.  Well, the Internet has definitely made it a lot easier to brainwash the target audience (children aged 8-18).

    3.      A need for rituals, specific language, and some type of hierarchical system.  Surely we should be able to distinguish someone who has been with the cult for many, many years, and someone who has only just joined.  Giving people a fake feeling of importance creates a wonderful tool to provide the cult members with a feeling of power and importance.  Let’s send those that have been with the cult for a number of years (especially young kids) on trips around the world so they can play the role of innocent evangelist.  Children are a perfect cover for those being in management of the cult.

So, what’s the next attribute?  Of course many cults and sects would have “money” as their main driver (i.e. Scientology).  The source of income is of course never revealed.  The only thing the cult members see is the extravagant luxury in which the more senior cult members drown themselves, but at least the members can start dreaming about all that value they may one day also possess (dream on). 

The furfandom and bronycon are not about money!  The value the more senior cult members are looking for comes in the form of young flesh (kids and teenagers).  No, they are not paedophiles (at least that’s what they think), as they call themselves either furries, bronies, pan-sexuals, metro-sexuals, or omnisexuals and as they are walking around like cute furry animals they must be the good ones.
Wouldn’t it be great to start a cult that attracts many young kids and teenagers?  Just throw out some bait (freebies), get them all to visit some type of conference away from family and trusted friends, and start selecting your prey based on their vulnerability and state of confusion.


The furfandom conventions are farmers markets for pedophiles, perverts, psychopaths, and other scum that walks this planet.  People with severe mental issues, gender, sexual and personality disorders run the furfandom and bronycon cults with one obvious goal: create confusion with young kids and lure them into the cult using any means possible.

The moment you observe 30-60 year old adults dressed in fur suits starting intimate relationships with 10-20 year old kids you know there is something veryvery wrong with this so called friendly furry cult.
The highly hard-core pornographic language, images, and behavior the furry adults use to brainwash their immature targets is literally beyond this world. 

Please watch the BBC series called “Porn on the brain” or read the book “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality” and start building up knowledge on how easy it is to create an addiction to certain behavior with young people (maybe you are one of these young people right now).  Once a kid/teenager has become addicted to furry-porn and the various cult/cult-like rituals they become an easy target to sexual predators.  The trap has been set, and someone stepped into it.

Again, the furfandom, bronycon and likewise ‘communities of interest’ are not what they seem from the outside.  These cults are not similar and should not be compared to people who play Dungeons and Dragons, visit Disneyland, like Star Trek, or play computer games.  The furfandom and bronycon are full-blown sex/porn cults managed and financed by some very smart and very nasty individuals with only one objective: groom FURMEAT / BRONYMEAT and abuse them, mentally and physically for own satisfaction.

Stay safe – and think before you act!

PART 5/5

Furmeat – the creation of addicts

"People under the influence of cults is similar to that we observe in addicts. Typical behavior for both includes draining bank accounts, neglecting children, destroying relations with family and losing interest in anything except the drug or cult."

Keith Henson

So, summarizing the first four cult related attributes:

    1.       A need for attracting attention

    2.       A need for emphasizing the visual and emotional

    3.       A need for rituals, specific language, and some type of hierarchical system

    4.       A need for obtaining value from the members

So, what’s the fifth and last attribute that cults require to prosper?

It’s called HATE.

Whether you consider the ISIS Death Cult, Scientology, Klu Klux Clan, Furfandom, or Bronycon, these cults actually thrive on hate.  Once a person is groomed into the cult the outside hatred directed towards the cult, and the “free unconditional love” (it’s not free and certainly not unconditional) shown inside the cult make it extremely difficult for an insider to return to the real world.  Of course the cult “leaders” will do anything that lies within their power to keep the hate flowing, as it actually works in their best interest.  

Hate locks in the cult members, and cult leaders know this!

The question becomes where does all the hatred come from?  The answer is actually quite simple.

“People tend to live by a written and unwritten system of rules, values and norms.” 

Anyone that steps outside of this system, or in the case of cults are lured outside of this system, will be looked upon unfavorably.  It’s related to survival of the species, and the same occurs in the world of animals.  Sick animals, or animals that behave in a non-standard way get excluded from their group as it endangers the genetic pool and survival-chances of the remainder of the group.  It’s as simple as that!

That brings another question to mind.  Why are certain individuals actually attracted to cults in the first place?  Is there something wrong with them that increases the chance for them to be groomed into the cult?  Is there some type of predisposition at work here?  Do people that end up in cults somehow lack the ability (empathy) to perceive reality clearly, or do they have some mental/psychological issues to start off with?  It's clear that the more creative people (drawing, music, acting, sculpting, etc.) are an easier target for cults, as their minds already have the ability to create fantasy worlds.  Bend the fantasy a bit further, play with it, and before you can finish your ABC you've got yourself another cult member.

Anyway, in the next batch of articles I will cover various mental illnesses as published in numerous works from a branch of psychology known as “Abnormal Psychology”.  It seems that cults are predominantly led by people that show severe psychopathic behavioral traits, and people that have some sort of need to hide their true identity (i.e. pedophiles, child molesters, etc.). 

Don’t get me wrong here – it’s close to impossible to penetrate the veil of charisma, manipulation, deceitful techniques and charms that cult leaders use to groom their victims, but I guess, we have to start somewhere, and knowledge is still the key to building up an understanding of how this world actually works. 

Yes, as a reader you’re likely to be Gen-Y, or Gen-Z (both born after 1980) and you’re also likely to question your sexual identity (am I gay, lesbian, or straight).  That’s all perfectly normal!  Every human being that walks around on this planet is going through this stage.  Again, that’s all perfectly normal, but what’s not normal is adults running around in fursuits targeting you in your most vulnerable stage of your life and grooming you into their perverse sex-cult for own personal satisfaction.  

The grooming starts on the Internet as being part of the Gen-Y/Gen-Z generation nothing is more important to you than being connected to people around you in real life and using the Web (your Internet connection and mobile phone/s are an extension of your Ego: your Self, your being), but if I know that, others well over 30 also know this and more importantly know how to use/abuse this knowledge.

The perpetrators can call themselves whatever they want (furry, pan-sexual, omni-sexual), but men and women well over 30 targeting young kids in the  age-group of 10-20 and paying them hard cash on sites like this one to draw doggy porn for them (and worse) are in the world of “normals” labelled as paedophiles, psychopaths and perverts.

Cults will do anything in their power to destroy any type of normal relationship you may currently have with friends or family, and replace these relationships with cult-driven ones.   

Stay safe – and think before you act!

The Furfandom: Pedophile Paradise

It's interesting noticing how keen the furfandom and its members are to be accepted into our society and be regarded as normal.  Somehow the furfandom cult leaders seem to be under the impression that having many members equals normality, and hence acceptance.  However, having shown that the furfandom fulfills the various criteria for being labelled a cult/sect, it is highly unlikely that this will ever occur.  Like the Islamic State Death Cult, Scientology, or the Klu Klux Klan the furfandom cult preaches a message that is strongly against current accepted values: 

unconditional love between anyone from any age, any gender and any species.”  (often referred to by the cult members as alternative forms of sex).

Although this may sound noble, it is merely a constructed artificial message with the intent of grooming young vulnerable and curious people into a world of pornographic chaos led by numerous mentally confused (read sick) and very unstable (read psychotic and dangerous) adults. 

Here are just some of the many perpetrators listed:…………

Now do not get me wrong, as an individual, I have nothing against a person in the age group of 20-30 starting a relationship with someone much older say 40-60, although I still believe this to be unnatural, even more so unnatural if it concerns same-sex relationships, but hey, we live in a free world.  Without doubt, individuals over 20 (preferably over 25) should be able to make decisions on their own behalf.  The problem that occurs within the furfandom cult is older mature men 40+ having relationships with younger immature men (mainly boys) (20-) whom they have groomed into the cult from a much younger age – we are talking young vulnerable kids in the age-group from 10 to 20.  Realize that no kid is more vulnerable than a young kid who struggles with his/her sexual identity.  The person who portrays himself as the BFF and good Samaritan (these people are often rigidly religious and moralistic) is in essence nothing more than a pedophile who in our case hides himself (very occasionally herself) in a fursuit or behind a keyboard.  These people are more than happy to pay you (assuming you are in the age group of 10 to 20) hard cash as a first step into their indoctrination and manipulation (read sophisticated brainwashing) program.

Here is a simple example: 

Say two individuals of 25 and 45 have a relationship.  This sounds okay, but what if the older partner started grooming the younger partner from the age of 15 (or even younger).  This would make the older partner 35 and the younger partner 15!  This has nothing to do anymore with a healthy relationship, but everything to do with the concept of pedophilia.  We are talking a mentally full-grown adult, with the means of a full-grown adult (i.e. money and other material assets – think houses, cars, computers, games, mobile phones, musical instruments, etc.) playing with the not mentally fully-grown mind of a curious child!  Welcome to the furfandom, and let me include Bronycon, cults!  The older generation literally "buying" the sexual services from a much younger generation.  This is nothing more than child prostitution and abuse!

Here is a short definition of what it means to be categorized as pedophile:

“Pedophiles are adults, usually men who derive sexual gratification through physical and often sexual contact with prepubertal children unrelated to them.  The offender must be at least 16 years old and at least five years older than the child.  The pedophile can be heterosexual or homosexual.  Sometimes, the pedophile is content to stroke the child’s hair (so sex does not have to be part of it), but he may also manipulate the child’s genitalia, encourage the child to manipulate his, and less often, attempt intromission.  The molestations may be repeated over a period of weeks, months, or years if they are not discovered by other adults or if the child does not protest.”

Source: Davison, G. C., Neale, J. M. (1998). Abnormal Psychology, 7th ed., USA: John Wiley & Sons.

So, are the furfandom members normal considering the fact that 40+ year old guys are humping (yiffing) 20- year old kids (online and/or offline)?  The straightforward answer is: No!  These people are sick and their mental illnesses are clearly documented in various works covering the science of abnormal psychology. 

Next time Fetishism will be discussed and how this influences your healthy thinking and behavior.

Stay safe and think before you act!


The Furfandom: Fetishism as a Mental Disorder

"People under the influence of cults is similar to that we observe in addicts. Typical behavior for both includes draining bank accounts, neglecting children, destroying relations with family and losing interest in anything except the drug or cult."

Keith Henson

It is almost sad seeing how those involved in various cults and sects are so eager to convince the world around them that they are perfectly okay and normal.  Whether it is a cult like the furfandom trying to convince the world that there is nothing wrong with adults running around in fur suits humping young kids, or a sect like Scientology trying to convince the world that a few selected will be saved by aliens in big shiny spaceships.

This and previous articles are not written for those with an already high involvement in various cults and/or sects, as they are beyond seeing or experiencing the truth and/or reality in all its splendid and enlightening simple forms.  The audience targeted here primarily consists of concerned parents, family, friends, and those considering either entering the cult/sect or increasing their involvement with afore mentioned.

It is interesting mentioning that the topic of fetishism is listed as part of a chapter that covers “Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders” along with topics including paedophilia, incest, rape, sadism and sexual dysfunctions.  Realize whilst reading this that we are talking abnormal psychology here, in other words, people considered mentally sick.

Those involved with the cult may not believe the fact that they are sick, and will do anything in their power to make you believe that they are not (often by using generalizations like we're all perverts), but studying the various mental disorder related symptoms, and comparing them to a “normal” standard shows a picture that many – if not most – cult members will obviously reject.  This rejection is often accompanied with a remark like “but you don’t understand us”.  Those considered “normal” do not have to understand those considered “abnormal”, as those considered abnormal need psychological and medical treatment.

Anyway, without going in too many details an abstract follows providing a short description around the phenomenon known as fetishism.  It may become clear that many of those running around in fursuits and/or drawing pornographic furry materials are more than just a little bit weird.  Many of them have serious mental disorders (i.e. paedophilia, anger management issues, anxiety disorders, fetishism, identity disorders, etc.) and hence seeking contact with these individuals (many will suffer from more than one disorder at a time) comes with an incredible high level of risk.  Whereas most adults are capable of calculating these risks, younger people (10-25) are not, although they think they do.

So, are furfandom members normal considering the fact that 40+ year old guys (read adults) dressed like furry animals are humping (yiffing – having sex with/simulating sex with/stimulating sex with) 20- year old kids (read minors) dressed like furry animals (online and/or offline)?  The straightforward answer is: No!

Both pedophilia and fetishism are clear (mental) disorders, and categorized as such.  What a combination of these two disorders may lead to is everyone’s guess, but it is clear that various cults and their members, including the furfandom, exhibit behaviour that is part of both.    

Next time sexual sadism and sexual masochism will be discussed and how this influences your healthy thinking and behavior.

Be safe, and think before you act!

Abstract from “Abnormal Psychology”:

Fetishism involves a reliance on an inanimate object for sexual arousal.  The fetishist, usually a male, has recurrent and intense sexual urges toward nonliving objects, called fetishes, and the presence of the fetish is strongly preferred or even necessary for sexual arousal to occur.

Beautiful shoes, sheer stockings, gloves, toilet articles, fur garments, and, especially, underpants are common sources of arousal for fetishists.

Some can carry on their fetishism by themselves in secret by fondling, kissing, smelling, sucking, placing in their rectum, or merely gazing at the adored object as they masturbate.

Fetishists sometimes become primarily interested in making a collection of the desired objects, and they commit burglary week after week to add to their hoard.

The attraction felt by the fetishist toward the object is involuntary and irresistible.

It is the degree of the of the erotic focalization – the exclusive and very special status the object occupies as a sexual stimulant – that distinguishes fetishisms from the ordinary attraction that, for example, high heels and sheer stockings may hold for heterosexual men in western cultures.

The disorder usually begins by adolescence, although the fetish may have acquired special significance even earlier, during childhood.

Source: Davison, G. C., Neale, J. M. (1998). Abnormal Psychology, 7th ed., USA: John Wiley & Sons.

Stay safe and think before you act!


Wolves raping dogs, and dogs raping wolves, what more do you want?

"People under the influence of cults is similar to that we observe in addicts. Typical behavior for both includes draining bank accounts, neglecting children, destroying relations with family and losing interest in anything except the drug or cult."

Keith Henson

Personally, I would like to thank those ex-members on sharing some of their experiences with the furfandom using both this website and others.  I fully understand how difficult it must be to expose some of the internal practices, but believe me you are doing others a favour!  I do understand that it must feel embarrassing and like dubbing in your ‘friends’.  This feeling is 100% natural and any ex-member (from any cult/sect) experiences the same feelings.  It is not betrayal, although it may feel like this.  It is your common sense, and human ethical thinking that has put you back in real life.  For so many years, people with severe mental issues have indoctrinated and brainwashed you.  You are not to blame!  You have been a victim of cult practices!

We have already established a number of facts in earlier articles, these are:

1. The furfandom fulfils the five criteria for a cult/sect.  In other words, it can be categorized among other cults/sects like Scientology, The Klu Klux Klan and the Islamic State Death Cult.  This sounds harsh, but is nonetheless the conclusion derived from observations of both the behaviour of the members and the grooming practices applied by the more ‘mature’ members.  Realize that more than a few of the mature members end up in jail (at some stage in their life) for possession of child-pornography and other child-sex related offences (i.e. Google ‘Tuscon Mob’).  It is unfortunate that the so-called ‘mimicking-effect’ guarantees a fresh supply of future offenders.  The young ones receiving ‘a quicky’ from the mature individuals today are likely to repeat the behaviour in days to come as they have come to believe that this behaviour is the norm 'read normal' (a typical cult/sect characteristic).  It is sad, but very true.  

The furfandom cult is actually harbouring, stimulating and creating paedophile behaviour (and worse).


2. The furfandom has become a Safe Haven for older individuals with an unhealthy appetite for younger people.  Especially older men in the age group 30 to 60 seem to be targeting young boys in the age group 10 to 20.  What simply starts as paying young individuals for their harmless furry/anthropomorphic art (Disney-like) on various websites, often turns into extreme pornographic images of anthropomorphic characters (mainly wolves) raping each other in various positions (extreme bondage and sadomasochistic-like).  When accustomed to the extreme porn the minors are subsequently invited to furry conventions where they are taken to hotels rooms (and toilets) booked by the older individuals to engage in their furry practices (humping/yiffing/raping) young kids with their so called ‘consent’.  

Personally, I do not believe that any person, even when they are in their mid 20s, is able to give full consent knowing they have been indoctrinated from a very early age (8-15).


3. The furfandom has become a Safe Haven for individuals with various mental disorders; including paedophilia and fetishism.  The sentence often used by the furfandom’s members ‘but you don’t understand us’ is nothing more than an excuse impregnated by the older members so they can get away with their ‘let’s-rape-some-child’ practices and get away with it.  It may be clear that mature individuals (40/50+) running around in fur-suits dressed like dogs who are humping/yiffing young kids has nothing to do with ‘having a hobby’, but everything to do with running a cleverly constructed cult with the aim of grooming and brainwashing young kids.  

Note that the more mature members (core-members) often have more than one fur-suit: one for public appearances, and one for private use.  The one for private use has holes for genitals to stick outside and a flap on the bottom.

For the remainder this article focuses on two other behavioural aspects as exhibited by the furfandom: sexual sadism and sexual masochism (unlike paedophilia this is a mental disorder exhibited by males and females alike). 

Many of the furfandom members show signs of preferring ‘pain and suffering’ over ‘joy and pleasure’.  Whether it is causing pain through self-inflicting wounds, or psychological pain (i.e. isolating oneself from friends and family), truth is that many members create a plethora of reasons to only find artificial ‘joy’ in the cult itself, much like a drug addict only finds pleasure in taking heroine, and in doing so, actually only inflicts more pain on him/herself.   

The idea that some members are the alpha-males also points to two distinct features:

1. Some are trying to create a self-image and see themselves as leaders of the pack.  This of course, also provides a great opportunity to stay within the canine driven theme of the cult.

2. Some are trying to create an environment where they are able to dictate the behaviour and decisions of others, as if it would be a natural thing to do so.

So in summary, the often very mature furfandom members enjoy running around in fur suits spanking and humping young kids, who may or may not, be hiding themselves in similar fur suits.  This shows three mental disorders all used in a single visualised example:

paedophilia, fetishism, and sexual sadism/sexual masochism.

The etiology of the paraphilias (group of mental disorders) as portrayed in the very real example above can be viewed from a psychodynamic perspective and a behavioural/cognitive one.  

From a psychodynamic perspective the explanation is provided from a ‘being-sexually-immature’ point of view and being ‘afraid-for-the-adult-world’, which totally explains the ease in which mostly already vulnerable members (children of divorced parents, children of migrants, children with decreased or increased mental faculties ‘the loners’) are groomed into the cult.

The reason provided from a behavioural/cognitive perspective actually complements, rather than distinguishes from, the psychodynamic perspective.  The explanation here fully fits the very idea of running a cult/sect: the paraphilias (mental disorders) arise from ‘classical conditioning’.

Taken together the etiology fully explains what is happening in the background of the furfandom cult:

1.       Young sexually immature children are groomed/lured into the cult using pictures and drawings of cute fluffy animals (Disney-like).

2.       Using classical conditioning techniques (awarding, awarding, awarding... hugs, kisses, telephone cards, money, computers, cars, free trips to furry conventions, etc.) the new members are slowly but surely dragged into the leaders’ perverse hard-core porn world (Rape-like).

Using the techniques as described above the new members run a gigantic risk of picking up various mental disorders along the way (assuming the classical condition explanation is valid, which I personally believe to be).  The idea that mentally sick individuals are able to infect others with their mental disorders (and if push comes to shove STDs) is extremely worrying!

Anyway, next time ‘gender identity disorders’ will be covered.

Stay safe and think before you act!

Gender identity disorder (GID) and species identity disorder (SID) – PART I of III

"People under the influence of cults is similar to that we observe in addicts. Typical behavior for both includes draining bank accounts, neglecting children, destroying relations with family and losing interest in anything except the drug or cult."

Keith Henson

And so the story continues...

The following topics have been under discussion:

1. The five criteria for labeling something as a cult/sect

a. A cult/sect has an build-in need to attract attention – it needs members, and therefor evangelizes some type of new ideology, i.e. “unconditional love for everyone”

b. A cult/sect is predominantly graphical/visual by nature – looking at pictures is so much easier than reading text, and hence targets a much larger – typically less educated and younger – audience

c. A cult/sect has its own language and rituals – it gives the members a false sense of hierarchy, importance and belonging

d. A cult/sect has a motive which is hidden to most members – some cults are all about money, whereas others are simply run as a means to find victims that can be used/abused for various purposes

e. A cult/sect needs a level of hate/opposition – this divides the members from non-members (the outside world) and strengthens the bond between members and “leaders” (leadership may be well hidden and shared among a smaller ring/virtual network of typically older, more “mature” individuals)

2. Behavioral treats that fall within the category of “abnormal psychology” which are further categorized in a number of mental disorders

a. Pedophilia – identified as one of the main drivers for construction of both the furfandom cult as well as the bronycon cult.  Please note the term ‘construction’ used here, as it emphasizes the artificial setup of these cults with one clear goal in mind: grooming young vulnerable children into the perverse world of mentally unstable individuals.  Feel free to Google “Tuscon mob” and build up an understanding of some of the real leaders behind these cults and their unhealthy aspirations.

b. Fetishism – although running around dressed like canines or equus may look pretty from the outside, it is what is happening between the ears of the individuals inside these costumes that matters.   From a pure psychological point of view the attraction to the unusual object has to be intense, last for at least 6 months, and should not cause distress.  It is interesting noting how many members will mention that they are running around in dog/pony suits voluntary (without stress), but at the same time these members are receiving medication dealing with their anxiety disorder/s.  This is a clear sign that something is wrong between the ears, and hence the suit becomes nothing more than a disguise hiding much deeper-rooted mental issues.

c. Sexual sadism and sexual masochism – the sheer amount of deeply troubling pictures and (animated) movies coming from both the furfandom cult and bronycon cult highlights the imbalance of Id and Superego, which often results in a disturbed abnormal Ego (abnormal psyche).  It is clear that many members are no longer in control of their own thoughts and emotions and are driven and motivated by others.  As mentioned in earlier articles, it quite easy for an adult to motivate a child (anyone aged younger than the age of sixteen) using various forms of positive psychology and conditioning, and this is true for adults with the right intentions, but also for those with the wrong intentions.  Free hugs, games, mobile phones, money and trips to members’ conferences are an easy way to get into the mind of a vulnerable teenager, and once the victim is on predator’s territory there are no boundaries and rules set by those who are sincerely concerned.

The focus of this article will be that of the so-called identity disorder, which can be sub categorized into gender identity disorder (GID) and species identity disorder (SID). 

It is interesting noting that although homosexuality is no longer considered a mental illness (removed from the DSM in 1973 under pressure of the gay and lesbian community), new research is indicating that so-called endocrine disruptors (predominantly environmental pollutants) may well play a significant role in the development of sexual preferences (and for that matter the healthy development of genitals).  This would suggest that an abnormal chemical/hormonal balance (caused by toxicity levels) causes, or may play a significant part in, homosexual and other non-mainstream abnormal preferences (i.e. pansexuality, omnisexuality, and transgender forms of sexuality).  

As such it is more than likely that at some time in the near future these sexual abnormalities move to the domain of chemically caused ‘illnesses’ (whether there is “a cure” is of course debatable).  This also raises the question what other effects these increased toxicity levels have on normal healthy and accepted lifestyles, but that's another discussion altogether.

It is clear that homosexuality, although accepted, still shows various weird behavioral patterns, i.e. it seems ‘normal’ in the furfandom for older mature men to entertain young boys, both online (giving quickies) and offline (humping in fur-suits).  At least, this created perception of ‘normality’ is what they want the younger members to believe; in essence, it is nothing more than pure pedophilia at work.  We are talking men aged 30-60 sexually entertaining boys in the age group from 10-20.  This is most definitely not normal, and fortunately a criminal offense in most countries!  However, many sexual acts are under the radar, invisible to the eyes of the law and obscured by a foul artificially constructed language, and well hidden chat-rooms.  Furthermore, financial payments for the acts performed (of course sold as payments for the child’s furry drawings) literally lure the young members into a world of child prostitution, where the older members become sugar daddies to their victims.

Please note that all the generalizations made on this website and others (i.e. ‘everyone is a pervert’) are originating from cult members desperately trying to alter your belief system.  By making you believe that drawing pictures for them of wolves, dogs, foxes and other canines having intercourse with each other is normal (because hey - everyone on this planet is a pervert)  they get exactly what they want: arousal from the innocence of a child!  Do not fall into their trap, the setup is incredibly smart (you draw naughty pictures for me and pleasure me and I give you money), but the intent is pure and utter evil.

More will follow shortly...

Not everything is what it seems... and not everyone are whom they claim to be...

Stay safe and think before you act!

From older postings:

A while ago, my eyes fell on the line

“Satan’s trap is to encourage us to swap moments of pleasure for weeks, or worse, for a lifetime of pain.”

It reminded me of the trap the furfandom core members have laid for its ‘new’ members. As a person, I have started to regard the furfandom as an onion with many, many layers, which once all layers have been peeled away shows its real nature: a bunch of sick perverts, sickos and pedophiles, hiding their true nature under a fake layers of fur, free hugs and furry cartoons.

Please do get me wrong: there is nothing, nothing wrong with drawing cartoons of cute furry animals, but this is not what the furfandom is interested in, or for that matter, the brony and likewise cults. At its core, we find a well-organized network of pedophiles, mostly older men, preying on young kids and teenagers.

The majority are older gay men trying to groom mostly much younger boys. These individuals have no respect for worldly norms and values, and will do almost anything it takes to destroy existing family relationships, including offering expensive luxury items and significant sums of money – anything it takes to be “the good guy”.

Once the young person is sworn into the cult – and yes, the furfandom has its own blood oath – it will be close to impossible to penetrate the curtains of illusion woven around the victim. By this time, both predator and victim are likely to refer to themselves as pan-sexual/omni-sexual/metro-sexual, which is a very smart way for staying low under the radar of law enforcement.

Please do not fall into the trap of this disgusting cult, draw furry animals if you like, but do not start to confuse yourself with fake furry identities – this is opening the door to people you rather keep out of your life! We all have periods in our life where we feel unsure about our identity and/or sexual preferences. This is normal, and is more often than not, accompanied with feelings of anxiety, anger, confusion, depression, loneliness, and a deep feeling that no one understands you. This makes you extremely vulnerable to the lunatics who are hiding as “the good ones” in cults and sects. These people will give you the shoulder to cry on, will listen to your problems, and will quickly become your very best friends. Please, do not be fooled by them! These people have more intentions than just being your friend! They will suck the life out of you and destroy everything in your life that is valuable to you. Before you know it, only your cult life remains, and everything else, including your closest family members, will become a vague memory. 

Remember: “Satan’s trap is to encourage us to swap moments of pleasure for weeks, or worse, for a lifetime of pain.”

And here's another:

How to date a pedophile?

Well, the easiest thing to do is to start calling yourself a furry, and start drawing furry animals for people you do not really know and have never met in person.  The Internet is a great hiding place for all kids of creeps.  The next thing that is likely to happen is that your new “friends” will introduce you to the somewhat darker world of the furfandom, which, if you have not realized this as yet, is fully based on porn, bestiality and other perversity that comes straight out of the minds of some very mentally sick and highly disturbed people.  

Your drawings will quickly move from soft-porn to hard-core porn, and the payments for your drawings will start to increase (money seems an easy way to manipulate the younger mind).  Eventually, you (you're likely to fall in the age-group between 10-20) will receive an invitation from your new “friends” to one of the fantastic furfandom conferences (the paedophiles are more than happy to do a pickup from your school), and before you know it you have complete strangers humping (yiffing) you from behind, but hey, they must be good people, as they are dressed like cute furry animals and they actually pay you for your services and accommodation too. These conferences are typically held in hotels, where more often than not, the organizers have arranged a couple of hotel rooms for the real dark and nasty stuff, as surely the furfandom does not want you to know everything that happens between adults and kids.

Whatever you response is, intercourse in any form or shape between a 35+ year old males/females and a 15- year old boys/girls is wrong – this has nothing to do with homosexuality, but everything to do with some very smart adults manipulating the minds of much younger kids.  These older adults will call themselves pan-sexual/omni-sexual/metro-sexual, but do not believe a word of this, they are only after one thing, and that is unprotected sex with you.  They will even make you believe that you are "special" yourself; again, this is nothing more than a manipulative trick and is likely to ruin your life and the lives of others around you.  Please stay away from cults, and live your life in true happiness!…

And another: 

It is interesting seeing most ‘furries’ are in full denial mode of the fact that they are part of a porn-cult ran, managed and subsidized by pedophiles and other perverse scum.  If the furfandom was not all about porn, bestiality and other perversity, then you should be asking yourself 1. Why are you visiting this page, and 2. Why are you reading this text?  If you see 12-16 year old boys starting relationships with 35-50 year old men who are happily calling themselves pan-sexual/omni-sexual/metro-sexual and convincing these poor kids that they are carved from the same wood, then surely all isn’t what it seems.  

Old men dressed in dog-suits humping (yiffing) children dressed in dog-suits is in all ways possible, I literally mean all ways possible, is wrong, unethical, fortunately illegal in most countries, and most of all, just sickening, and believe me when I say that this is exactly what is happening in the hotel rooms of these so called marvelous furry conventions.
  Be warned that becoming a so called furry has consequences beyond your wildest imagination.   

Read a book, go and visit a good movie, study something, but think twice before you join a cult or sect, as what you see on the outside, is not always what happens on the inside.
  People giving you money, presents and other things for your furry art, often have other intentions than just being nice to you.  The psychological manipulative games played by mature people initially pretending to be of your age are of the worst kind imaginable.  

It is better to be safe than sorry, so stay away from this dangerous manipulative cult with its perverse ideology and be happy with your own unique and wonderful identity.
  You are a wonderful being and too good to become a member of a mentally sick and very confused group of “people”.

And another: 

Although many believe the furfandom to be a place of fun and art, as an individual I have to disagree.  From what I have seen shown to me by a number of its core members, it is nothing more and nothing less than a breeding ground for paedophilia, bestiality and perverse ideologies.

A clearly very mature group of individuals (35-60) is using an arsenal of manipulation techniques to access a much younger group of extremely vulnerable children and teenagers (10-25), most of who exhibit symptoms like autism spectrum disorder, gender preference confusion, sexual preference confusion, and/or general exclusion from the larger community.  The latter based on (often unacceptable) behaviour, intelligence (in various forms), or other attributes. 

To an outsider it is clear that this younger group is struggling with identity questions and will do almost anything to be accepted.  This is where the sex-predators amongst the fur-fandom, brony-fandom and other porn-focused cults make their entrance onto the stage.  

Using a variety of techniques including payments for drawings, hugs online and in game environments, payments in the form of mobile phones, computer games and other contemporary electronics they sneak their way into the minds of the young.  What may start as a nice conversation online, may end with a kid or teenager being completely mind controlled (and worse), by a mature paedophile leading to intimate "relationships".  

The remark often made by these so called "pansexual" furfandom members: “You don’t understand us!”  Sorry, but there is really nothing to understand when you see a 15 year old kid in an intimate relationship with a 40 year old man.  The 40 year old is a paedophile hiding his perverse identity in a fur-suit, whilst the 15 year old is a victim of – likely – many years of subtly manipulation (i.e. extremely high exposure to furfandom porn art).  Worst of all, in court, the 15-year kid is likely to defend the sex-predator. Honest to God, I wish I was making all this up, but unfortunately I am not.  

The truth is that the fur-fandom, brony-fandom, and other similar fandoms, have become a Safe Haven for paedophiles and sex-predators.

If you believe you are lonely and don’t have enough friends, then please do not fall into the trap of free hugs online, or making drawings for people you have never seen or met – not even if they pay you.  Payment, in any form, creates an synaptic association in your brains that drawing porn-pictures of animals for people you don’t know is okay, and if you do this frequently your brains will actually start believing it – it’s the psychological law of exposure.  Paedophiles and sex-predators are not necessarily stupid, they read books, and know how to manipulate those around them.  As a kid, teenager, or young adult you may think you are in full control, but then you have not examined the mind of a paedophile yet.

Please watch one or more documentaries on YouTube (i.e. Louix Theraux: A place for pedohiles) to understand how paedophiles think and act.  They do not think there is anything wrong with them, and hence they do not have any issues approaching you on the Web or chat channels.  The only thing they want is to create a divide of mistrust between you, your family, and your closest friends, so they can get full psychological and physical access to you.

Please be warned that the fur-fandom and brony-fandom is not all that it seems, it is a Safe Haven for paedophiles, sex-predators, and other perverts.

And another: 

Just a Xmas warning to everyone being bored on the Internet!

Please realize that the furfandom is nothing more and nothing less than a well organized network of pedophiles (HQ in Texas USA) with only one goal on their mind: to lure young kids into their cult of perverse animal porn.  What often starts with drawing cute animal pictures (commission based) for "nice"people on places like DeviantArt, may well end with you running around in a fursuit having intercourse with random people of all ages (they call themselves pan-sexual/omni-sexual/metro-sexual rather than paedophile) being completely torn away from your real friends and family. 

So, this is a warning okay! 

If you're bored over the Xmas days, just realize that people on the Internet are not always who they claim to be, and many furfandom members are after a lot more than your drawings of cute pictures of dogs and other animals.  It's utterly disgusting having personally experienced the real sick minds under the fake fursuits on places like FurAffinity and what these people are really into.  It's an extreme porn cult run by paedophiles, and they know exactly what they're doing.

Merry Xmas a very happy 2016 with your real family and real friends :)

Stay away from paedophiles who are paying you for your artistic services and who are making abuse of the default state of mind of so many teenagers, and that state happens to be a very confused one.

And another: 

For all those furries obsessed by their furfandom cult, which by the way seems to be organized by a well organized network of paedophiles and indeed other perverts, think about this statement:

"What you get in life is the thing you really believe in."

It is important to think about this carefully -- it might not be the thing that you think you believe in!

Read a book,and enjoy life and stay away from idiots who are only trying to lure you into their perverse world of doggy porn.

And another: 

As far as I can tell the furfandom is nothing more and nothing less than a well organized network of paedophiles luring young kids into their perverse porn cult.  What starts as drawing pictures ends with having random intercourse with people hiding in fursuits. 

Quoting an ex-furfandom member: 99% (so, no, not all) are complete and utter perverts and they will use extremely manipulative techniques to brainwash potential new members. 

Be warned before getting involved with this cult.

DYLYN666 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015
This took me 20 mins too read...
MelissaAndrews1 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  New Deviant

Wow, that’s a mighty wall of text!  Nevertheless, your underlying premise is correct.  The furfandom is simply a sex-based (bondage/fetish-driven) sect of mostly older men grooming young teenagers that can satisfy their perverted needs.  These teenagers are subsequently used to recruit even more and even younger children, and so the engine keeps running and the wheels keep turning.  It’s a simple model, but it seems to work for them and furthermore it provides a steady supply of fresh furmeat (nice term bro!).  Sooner or later most members will realize the mistakes they’ve made and will come out mentally scarred.  “So what and who in the world really cares”, I say.  Shrinks also need to make an income and pharmaceuticals need to sell their drugs.  Not much you can do there, but keep up the good work.

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you can't control what people are into dude, theres all sorts of fetishes out there, some are a lot worse than us furries who yiff
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Mmm… maybe you don’t understand the concept of being under full control of the furfandom cult yourself.  There’s an interesting test that will help you understand how much mind control this cult actually has over you: see if you can do without your furfandom cult for 12 months, and see how many “friends” you’re left with.

The idea of comparing being in one cult (you call it fetish, I call it cult) over another is like saying: I’m a Nazi, but that’s okay, because I’m not an ISIS member.  So, I guess, comparing one fetish with another is meaningless.

The very foundation of the furry cult is based on feeding/growing perversions with mostly younger kids, so these younger kids will no longer be able to distinguish right from wrong (it’s called screwing your beliefs system).  Once the younger individual thinks that having sex with a dog is okay, or having sex with someone that happens to run around dressed like a dog is okay, then they’ll be ready to have sex with anyone/anything (even with people three times your own age). 

They’ll probably tell you the following things: you’re special, other people don’t understand you, having sex with a much older person is normal, having sex with your pet is normal, love is everything, we need to be open to all kinds of people with all types of needs … etc. etc. etc. 

Welcome to the world of future pacing (an interesting NLP technique as old as the furfandom cult itself (coincidence – I don’t think so).

The whole concept of “yiffing” is based on the premise of older individuals (typically older gay men – feel free to read furry paedophiles) wanting to have sex with minors (boys in the age group of 10-15).  Oh, and these older gay men seem to be getting away with it, because it’s something that gays do, it’s all about giving unconditional love, it’s not called having sex (hey after all, it’s called ‘yiffing’), and typically they’ll be paying the much younger person for their services, so it must be okay!

You stay captured within your dream-world of furry-pleasures and keep providing your sexual services (yiffing) to the many Joe Bloggs out there, whilst the rest of the world happily moves on.  Just realize that the only person being fully controlled here by the perverse ideology of your own cult is no-one else but you.

Sweet dreams …
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dude nobody pressured me to be a furry, nobody i even know is a furry. and younger furries are often looked down upon by many older members of the fandom. and only a very low percent of members are ok with beastiality. and yiffing just means sex in general. 
by the way, I'm gay. i don't have sex with minors.
overall believe what you want, your entitled to your own opinion. even if they are outlandish and false.

also, my dreams aren't sweet, their hot, raunchy, and filled with roughh gay leather sex.

EliBlaze Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  New Deviant
Wow - "nobody you even know is a furry" and yet you seem to know everything about them.  The only logical conclusion is that someone is providing false information, and that someone sits at the receiving end of this message.

Denial is a strange thing indeed ...
sodafox83 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nobody that i know in person is a furry. but the internet and youtube are filled with informationn from flurries themselves. we aren't all the same. some aren't into furry porn, some are. just with any other fandom. take anime for example, theres tons of anime porn, but is everyone who likes anime into anime porn? no. 
and why are you hating on only furries? with your logic you could be hating on everything, saying that its mind controlling its fans. or is hating everything too hard and so you just decided on the furries?
Piposaru200 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015
Dude chill out. The only thing worse than furry porn is people ranting about stuff.
BlueEyedFreckle Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  Student General Artist
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at least im not a fur-vert
XxPinkGalaxyXxAj Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for saying not all furries are like this i am certainly not one of the "yiffers" i think thats what they call them :3
CaillouArt Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  New Deviant
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t r u u u u u u 
EnkaShiahara Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015   Digital Artist
Hello, just wanted to drop in and say a few things. I'm not sure if you're trying to troll everyone, because if you are, you've succeeded. Massively. But, I just thought to let you know that, while the large masses and popular furs are perverts, that does not mean every single furry or person who is involved in the fandom is a child molester, a bad person, or someone to just hate on because of their interest. 

As I said to someone else, yesterday. The furry fandom does have a large part pervert and a small part innocent interest. But, keep in mind, every fandom has some part pervert to it. Why? Because it's how some of us make a living. Sex sells, that's the simple truth to it. Do you think porn is made for shits and giggles? It serves a purpose. Everyone's got a different set of tastes and what not. I'm by NO MEANS supporting 'cub' or child molestation. To be honest, that's one thing I could go without, WANT to go without, but oh well. 

And, you're trying to push a fallacy. A mistaken belief. And then, to your point about furries claiming to be the nicest and flipping out. Um. Have you heard of Feminists (the ones that get made fun of, not TRUE feminists.)? Have you heard of Tumblr? There are people like that EVERYWHERE. Also, you seem to take some things too personally, too. It's not just your art that doesn't get viewed, and I'm a hentai artist, even sometimes my stuff gets skipped over. It happens. Keep trying!

You're a furry, then, aren't you? Why don't you write a post that sets a better example? Lots of younger people join the fandom, so why don't we try to make it something nicer? 
lillyrose1125 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
do i have to right to dress like a animal and draw foxes and wolfs or any animal of the sort??
i am part of the 10% and i could give a flying fudge what other people say or do or even draw. but when that makes me look bad- PEOPLE BETTER BACK OFF AND STOP SAYING I' M A PERVERT CUZ THEY SAY ALL FURRIES ARE PERVERTS
and not you person that made post i'm saying the ones that choose to believe and spread rumors that "ALL" are bad like they do with bronies 
all is a big word saying the most Moriarty is different making it so we can separate the good from, the bad at least knotting there are good people in the fandom as a reminder to not judge by the looks and what people have heard  
JeffsGirl1 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
 I'm just a furry because I'm 11 and I like to dress up like animals and pretend to be them. I had no idea that furries were like total perverts. And such. Like I had no clue that some people watch human-oid animal porn, which to me is just like the fuck happened what Obama became president? And not all furries are obsessed with porn or weird freak o's like you said. I actually like to draw animals and I like to draw then wearing funny hats and pearls etc. I thought all that there was to it was pretending to be and animal, aka roleplaying as your favorite animal, which is the only thing I do. Actually I don't get the while anthro/anime furry thing because this is a really good drawing but how the hell is this attractive?…

 Seriously, a husky with giant ass boobs? Just get a girlfriend with a boob-job! Well my point is not all furries are pervs, or just some person you don't want to meet. 
SquishyKin12 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Hey I'm 13 and everyone still thinks as even kids in Fursuits as perverts, I mean my freinds think it's adorable, it's only a costume. N the more perverts are bronies, n if not then no. No one is
lillyrose1125 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 14, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
wow your 11 too. i guess i'm not the only one that thinks this. my hole childhood i grew up playing with stuffed animals and dressing like a cat i loved going to chucke cheeses and i loved mascots i never knew there was ever a fandom/community  like this so i drove right in.
i never knew it would have been this bad. i think this hole porn thing and vore is gross and their are kids our age seeing this- well i can't do anything about little red riding hood.. and when ever i saw that in the books i felt dirty and never knew why. well now i know. i just had no idea what to call it . just saying we should get the 10% in a community together and the crazys need to have their own fandom to themselves with all the vore porn and what ever in the f**k everything else is. away from the children's eyes. another reason why i'm never going back on tumbler ever again *cringes* 
JeffsGirl1 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
yeah, i'm on a site called the furry forums. my fursona is a blonde and white collie, and I think of my fursona 'feral' or just a regular dog. I feel dirty whenever someone posts something they didn't know children our age would see.
AlyMarieB Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Correction: Human Race = Perverts.

:) Don't generalize. Anime Fans watch more hentai and make lemon fanfics just as much as furs make yiff.

Not being a prick and denying the fact. But why not bring everyone into this? Bronies are just as bad, and so are most people in the world.

Note finished.
Highlynx Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Well facts don't lie and I have even seen it for my self, hell, I liked curries for a short time and I can say without hesitation that this is enormously accurate.
Dreamcast-2004 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
CaillouArt Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  New Deviant
solid-alcohol Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hate begets hate, and talk like that gets nobody anywhere.
EnkaShiahara Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015   Digital Artist
That's not helping anything. Really, if anything you're just pushing his point along. ): I don't agree with everything he's said, but the truth is our fandom is fueled manly by perverts. What he doesn't point out is that it's a source of income for many. Sex sells.
Every fandom has a sexual side to it. Furries probably are the strongest because the term "furry" comes from a sexual kink to dress up and act like animals while screwing around. 

Most people nowadays just associate being a furry with wanting to make pretend their an animal. That's fine. But getting pissed like that is just showing everyone else he's right about you, me, or anyone else part of the fandom. ); 
EnkaShiahara Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015   Digital Artist
lillyrose1125 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
*slowly claps* 
HaxKnife909 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
Fuck you.
Nutcasefriend Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
Holy fuckin shit. that was intense.

Also, WTF!? Like, I'm not a furry, but I love Anthro art. not the porno, just the anthro. coz its cool, so wtf.

Again, also, if you're going to write a fuckin essay on this you should add priests and Rolf Harris. Oh, and that teacher from your highschool, and the neighbor over the road that everyone thinks is Boo Radley, OH, and DON'T FORGET YOUR GAY COUSIN!
Because they must ALL be SUPER PERVERTS!!!!

(For those who are friends or accepting of Furries, or furries themselves, I got your back.)
SquishyKin12 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I would hug u if u were here,
AmBam00 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Student Artist
Same. I create Disney-like anthro art, but I'm not a furry.
Boby50o Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015  Student General Artist
Nintenartist1 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
EliBlaze Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  New Deviant
This is fantastic news.

Yes, these child-molesters hiding in fursuits are getting what they deserve, and that is being kicked out indefinitely!  

It should have made anyone wonder why 30-50 year old guys are hiring cabins in the woods and inviting 10-20 year old kids for a so called fur-party!  Fur-party my ass, well organized orgy with kids you mean!

Now these paedophiles (baby-furs) have to find another location to exercise their "hobby" (back to raunchy hotel rooms).  What a hobby they have: watching cub-porn all day long and organizing yiff parties (furmeets/fur conventions) (oh cub-porn is just another word for child pornography, and yiffing is another word for sexual intercourse).

Again, the furry fandom is a sex/porn-cult in disguise.
Dreamcast-2004 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
GO TO FUCKING HELL YOU RETARDED FUCKWAD BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾.              😿
EliBlaze Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2015  New Deviant
I’m deeply impressed by the level of your authorship intellect.  It’s like reading text from a 10 year old boy throwing a tantrum displaying the intelligence of a 4 year old girl.  If you cannot deal with critique, the truth, or the opinions of others you should not be using the Internet.  Furthermore as you’re clearly showing signs of sociopath behavior (in this and earlier emails) I strongly recommend visiting a psychologist at your earliest convenience.

Have a nice day :)
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